Green Reflections of Symi

Composition in terracotta and grey.

Seasonal citrus.


Juice on the hoof.

Magenta pop.

Green for luck.

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The Symi Visitor Accommodation office and Sunflower laundry.

Winter greens.

Calm Reflections

After the rain.
As you can see from these photographs, Symi is very green at the moment.  Even the stoniest and most barren-seeming hillsides have a green flush. We  have also had an extraordinarily calm February in comparison to previous years with only two ferry disruptions.  Some years it has been virtually impossible to get on or off the island for storms and shipping bans.  We have had random thundershowers of short duration virtually every day this week and temperatures are a lot milder - around 17 degrees at midday, dropping to about 11 at night.

It is a bank holiday long weekend in Greece.  It is Carnival this weekend, followed by Clean Monday which marks the start of Lent.  I am going island hopping for a few days so my next blog will be Friday 3 March. Late February is probably not the best time of the year to go island hopping in the Dodecanese but the clement weather is expected to last into next week.

One sad piece of news is that the Mandeio cafe in Chorio is closing down as the owner has serious health problems.  The Symi Gallery Cinema club which has been using it as a venue for weekly year round film shows is relocating to Lefteris' cafeneion (aka Bulmas') on the square in Chorio with effect from this Sunday when they will be screening 'The Blues Brothers'.  Apparently there will be a municipal carnival event in the new undercover sports facility in Chorio this Sunday afternoon.

Have a good weekend.



February Postcards from Symi

A lone yacht lies at anchor in Pedi.  

Climbing up the Kali Strata, when you turn the corner and see this view you know you are on the home run.  The Chorio Syllogos square and Giorgio and Maria's taverna are just beyond that pink and white building with the awning at the top of the photograph.  You will also find the Olive Tree, the Rainbow Bar, Lefteris Kafeneion, Syllogos restaurant, Sotiris'supermarket, the Fiona Hotel as well as several other shops and businesses at the top of these steps so keep on climbing!

About a third of the way down the main stretch of the Kali Strata.

Even under the Turkish Ottoman rule there was freedom of religion on Symi.  Many fine churches were built and merchants houses such as this one were not shy to display the Christian cross on their pediments.


Yialos is pretty much empty at this time of the year.

Waiting for breakfast

Hay heading up to the donkey drover's place in Xisos.

Valentine's day was last week. The cat doesn't seem too sure about whether roses are edible or not.

The poultry seller comes round the islands, selling young chickens, turkeys and guinea fowls.  These days with ever more people turning to the land to feed their families, keeping poultry to provide eggs and the occasional bird for the pot makes sense.

Roses near the Village Hotel in Chorio.

The view from the top of the Kali Strata, looking towards Mavrovouni with the Drakounda valley, Nimborio and the Datca peninsular in the background.

Syringa berries.


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